Do Any Of You Men Think This Guys A Dick

If i was to curl my hair just before i went to be bed is there any way i could get them to stay in for the next day. I have thick, slightly wavy hair if that helps. thanks

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how about have him touch u first, than have him orally pleasure u and than once ur about to be done just have him finish u off. that way he would finish at the same time too??? or how about u do ur self and have him finish u off??? have u tried those things that u put on him to make it less sensitive??? i think u can get them at the adult stores. or how about if u pleasure him orally, would he still be able or want to go at it or not??? and if so does he last longer??? I'm really sorry about wat ur going thru i know sex isn't everything but it sure is VERY important in ANY relationship. have talk to a doc about it??? how many yrs have u guys been married???? has this ALWAYS happen????

I think it's because he gets excited too quick and once he releases, he needs time to recharge, that's probably why he can last a lot longer the second time. It's really not a big deal.

Honestly, that's a hard question for me... I guess it depends on your skills and your foreplay. Quickies are fun, but only if your in a public place or you don't have much time... But to answer your question, , just the "one minute man" method, no, I woudln't be happy... But if you kept me happy other ways and foreplay, I'd be there to stay for sure...

There are lots of different creams available, I would recomonend either a 'wave enhancing' cream (also could be called a curl enhancer?) or if you have really stubborn hair like me, what I do is spray hair spray in my hair and brush it through while its still damp and flick your hair from side to side (it stops the hair spray from having the usual sticky 'rock hard' effect) and then braid it and it will stay in longer :) GOOD LUCK! :)

have him give you oral before, use a condom during, then an hour after have sex again, then an hour after that have sex again... he has to get his stamina up

5 moths and it never occurred to either of you to get him to a doctor? How old are you? Time for him to be an adult and take care of this. It could be psychological but he also could have a medical condition. It's not going to be solved on it's own. He needs to talk to his doctor and realize...the doc has seen and heard everything.

masturbate before hand helps, but also try different positions, like if you are on top you will be quicker, but if she is on top you will last longer, so just ry different ones and see what works for you, also if you feel like you are about to, just stop for a minute and let the feeling subside and start again

I did. It's mostly mental. When I was younger I often would ejaculate in 3 to 4 minutes. I was told of an exercise that worked for me. When you penetrate start thinking of something else. I used baseball. I would play the game in my mind. I had to do this every time I had sex for a few weeks. Soon though I could control the beast. For years I'd go an hour or so. I did discover though that a lot of women don't want you to go that long. Still you'll be the one to pull the trigger when you want.

Why not try a shifting-perspective narrative? I have a novel coming out next year that is written in this style- approx 70 percent 1st person and 30 percent 3rd. It gave me more freedom because I didn't have to have my protagonist on every single page and every time I started to get bored with what I was writing I just shifted perspectives. I'm about 80 percent finsihed the follow-up, and I'm experimenting again with multiple perspectives. A lot of people say not to do the shifting-perspective stuff, but for me it is the only way to work.

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