How Do U Last Longer In Bed

womaniser,he beat her, bt for d last r things hav got creepy, wen he cums hme from work or pub, he can tell her exactly when she went out how long she was, who was in the house and wat they were talkin bout, how many cigs i smoked She heard noises upstairs bt wen she mentions it he says she is mad.Her kids say they heard it 2 he tells them that their mother is rubbing her madness off them, She woke up one night a few months back & he was leaning his lower part over the side of the bed & was moaning quietly, She says there was no doubt he was gettin a Bjob from somebody, He has her so firghtend that she just closed her eyes n never said a word. she also caught him looking up the stairs n shaking his head as if to say no not yet, then close out the sitting room door and start coughing loudly, then d click of the front door, His trying to tell her its all in her head, She was also told he was with a man...Which is true. Wat do ye think of it? For godsake people I made a few typing mistakes, Get Over it. Why do ye bother coming on to this site if ye cant be grown up enough to give honest answers.and i dont remember askin ye to spell check my question ok. So to ye smart freaks.Get a f**king life

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Im in the same situation bro. Im 19 and my girlfriend is turning 21, i can also keep on going after i ejaculate. (3-6 times in a row) Our sex doesnt last longer than 10-15 mins, we foreplay but i don't get any oral because my girlfriend freaks out when she touches or slightly tastes semen. She gets soar and its frustrating for me. ( especially because i don't get oral) On my birthday i was lucky to get oral for about 8 seconds until she tasted a little semen...

It is a long explanation for a normal situation. Just imagine you and your wife has fight. What a husband is advised to do is to leave the wife. Why do you think it is advised to do that? It just to give a time,for them to cool themselves like a normal situation. To give them space to think. Once they feel calm enough, or have the solutions already, go back. It didn't mention how many days to do that because it DEPENDS. While about beating, it doesn't mean to beat heavily. What I have heard is just to beat them with pieces of clothe. Very soft. It just to wake her up.

Sex can make relationships last longer in many cases. But it can also cause complications, especially if you're too young or stupid to be having sex. In sex drive, men definitely have a higher one. You speak of multiple orgasms, but for many women an orgasm isn't absolutely essential all the time (sometimes ever). Men, however, require that orgasm or they feel inadequate.

i'm sure its editing. sometime if you look closely they repeat the same sequence from different angles however i';m sure there are people that can last as long as they like. for me though, i never understand people wanting to go on and on and on all night, i can't orgasm fast enough! damn it, it's a lot of work all that trusting and flipping.

there is no time limit for women!!! are you kidding me???? we, i mean I am never totally satisified!! My poor husband can vouch for that!! after a women climaxes we can keep going and going and going, but it usually takes me at least 10-15 minutes before i can get off with actually penetration. so it really just depends on the woman.

The average actual sexual intercourse lasts for 20 minutes. This is why guys need to make the foreplay hot, yet so few seem to grasp it. And yes, you'll get better with time.

Okay, what i have done is to change the environment such as a resort holiday. We actually plan for a naughty trip and we brought along some sex games and costumes etc. Personally, I think to resolve the barrier between both of you is to communicate and understanding each other needs.

I will watch porn with you and then we can practice what we watched. How's that? As far as your bf goes; he has his way and you and he are just different and incompatible. If that makes sense to you. You need someone like me who is un-inhibited like you.

You should not do anything you are not sure about. Get more information and educate yourself. However, you will never have all the information (you simply don't know what you don't know) so to some extent, you'll have to just try your best. If this is your first time, you likely won't last very long, but at least you will have a starting point or baseline from which you can build in the future. Good luck!

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