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i am a virgin and i was wondering if how long it takes me to ejaculate when i masterbate mean n/ething to how long i will last in bed??

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WAT ??11!111 r u sure about tht pumpkin?? ive never heard of dees problem!!!1 surely all males c*m within 5 secs, at tha most 5.7 seconds ??? u r abnormal lololol

wow. if plays xbox everyday well there's your problem that's like most of the time. when he plays xbox u should put on lingerie and sit on him then slowly move your hand back and forth on his leg. then he will get the picture.

How often do you go at it? He'll last a lot longer the second and third time. He needs to learn how to pace himself and you need to have sex with him a lot more often and not criticism him so much about it. It's just as much your fault for not getting off quicker; if we want to we can be both done in about five minutes. He does need to learn to detect 'the point of no return' and stop for a minute or even switch back to oral for a while. If you expect him to get you off from penetration... unless you know from the past that you're good to go like that, a lot of women just do not orgasm from intercourse alone.

well my bf start using viagara without thinking ,I'm enjoy more his thing inside me ,but later he was dead all day lol ,just tray to enjoy and use all your body not only your thing but your tongue too lol

lol.... a little funny... just because i've heard it before, but never that full in-depth story... just the bit before he got caught....

Guys r really sensitive when u say they don't satisfy u LOL I made that mistake last week but he sure did make up for it :-)))))..... Sorry... Flashback!!! Anyway jus tell him you need more foreplay ask him to perform oral on u and if he says no tell him that u r not fully satisfied when he is. Tell him to slow down if he is jus pimpin away. Maybe u should get on top so u can control everything. He should understand.

if you give him a bj or a hand job first and then do your dirty work, he will naturally last longer since he popped one off recently.

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Sex Question Please Read

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