How Can He Last Longer In Bed

like i ear of ppl saying that after a 5min bj they came...O.o my gf gave me close to a 20min bj... Sex wise... AGAIN ppl are talking about not spending to much time, yet i hve last close to 35+ min... Is this bad? Does this leave a negative idea in the womens head about how she did? O.o i just dont get it...Can masterbating ALOT(about 2-3times a day in a row) from like the age of about 11ish-12 b the reason?

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get him to do other things to you (like use his tongue) ;o) to make you cum first then have penetrative sex till he cums...

girl you need to do things a little differently. while having sex suddenly stop and start giving him a b/j. Keep changing it up. Suck him for a minute or two and then jump back on. That's a good way to make the sex last. trust me it works

defo ditch her can you honestly say you can trust her now and will your mind be at rest if you do continue a relationship your doubts, if you have any, will eventually kill any feelings you have for her now as your relationship continues with your trust in her fading. unless you like to share your woman with others of course

Okay, what i have done is to change the environment such as a resort holiday. We actually plan for a naughty trip and we brought along some sex games and costumes etc. Personally, I think to resolve the barrier between both of you is to communicate and understanding each other needs.

let him cum-then fool arround -let him cum again-keep this up -young people should be able to want and be able to fuck all night

pornos are fake, you have sex and cum multiple times, ut the editors can edit, delete, and add multiple scenes, or different camera angles to make it look like they're having sex for a long time, when it's usually they last like an average man

i think you need to get him into a routine of going to his own bedroom as he seems to be running ur lives. i had this problem with my first daughter and i got her to go to her own bed. i set myself a routine where things were calm and it worked after a few days. i have a friend also in same situation as u and i tell her to get her child into a routine of going to her own bed. my daughter used to scream i knew she was ok. it will get easier as u go along then u and ur partner will have time together on an evening.

You could have him masturbate and ejaculate right before intercourse with you. It usually takes a man a bit longer to ejacutate the second time. The average man doesn't last that long. Why not have him pleasure you thru oral sex or clitoral stimulation first, then have intercourse? This way you have been satisfied and can just enjoy the sensations of the intercourse. You could also try a 'prolong gel' that you apply to the penis that numbs it. This would also make him last longer.

I love this quote i will give this to you. "Sex and oxygen aren't really important unless you are not getting any." My advice take pride in it. Use it as a pick up line. Confidence is the key. "Hey, I am XXXX(name), I am a virgin, would you like a no sex pressure date?" example brush it up cause it kinda of sucks.

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