How Could I Last Longer In Bed With Out Taking Pills

i wanna last long in bed how can i practice doing this. and is it bad to jack off when you have a sist. im 15 i went to the dr

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I think you need to ditch the Ex and worry about your son and yourself. You need to get intouch with your feelings and see the bigger picture of whats goin on. Focus on being a gr8 mon and not any1's gf! It's normal to still have feelings and want him back, but reconizing that it's not health is a sign of growing up! Stop putting yourself and your child thur this shit, girl!

I say communicate with her about it and be like. Hey, can we dedicate some of this to practice please? Or maybe just jerk off and go really fast and hard and go forever and ever and ever.. lol

I can't figure it out. My instincts say that this is very...very common, but my head says FAKE. I'll just not try anymore.

Don't understand why it says you are in the US but you say you are from UK? I'd wait to lose my virginity to someone that is half worth it, not someone that has sex so many times a week to pay the bills. Losing your virginity is supposed to be "special".

tell him to try smacking it with his hand when it starts to get too worked up porn actors do it or maybe two shots of whiskey half hour before

You do not suck - At least you care enough to ask :) I have known men that control it in their mind (do not even want to know WHAT they are thinking)... There are also creams and I have heard that condoms help control the sensitivity. Good luck

Don't listen to cyril. More than one condom is more likely to cause friction and rip. Try taking it easy. Stop every time he's about to finish, then start again.

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How Could I Last Longer In Bed With Out Taking Pills

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