How Long Do Women Last

hi, i have heard that the time it takes for a man to ejaculate is the time he will last in bed, is this true or is the having sex process longer as i am a virgin and from what i have seen on videos it lasts much longer than i can masturbate until my seminal fluid comes out? thanks in advance.

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LMAOO! my bf has that same problem. & if he holds it to much, he'll just go soft. it's fucked. i'm not sure to be honest. but i heard a healthy diet, and excersizing regularly helps stamina and all that stuff.

practice...try not so much to think about the situation when your doing it and if you cum that easy then you need to focus on something else just dont let her know your not paying attention to her, whatever you do dont listen to her moans lol...try foreplay if you can go through touching and kissing without busting a load you can prob last longer than you think! goodluck :)

Longer foreplay. If you get more aroused through longer foreplay then you will already be "warmed up" so to speak. Or you can buy him a copy of "She comes first" and insist that he read it.

The whole size thing is a myth. I will try and look for the data proving neither race has a typically bigger penis. It has been awhile since I have read it, can you believe someone actually did a study on it? :) As far as lasting in bed, I think that also depends on the guy you're with.

I hate to tell you this but he is thinking of another woman he rather masturbate than get head? he is thinking of another woman wishing he was having sex with her.

Ok, Im hooked. This is very good. Please let me know when you finish and it is published(which I believe it will be). I would love to read it. Feel free to email me. good luck

Everybody is different. Some men last long, some don't. My guy only last that long if we go two days in a row. Try a lot of foreplay (for you) before hand if she is getting too sore before you finish. That may help.

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How Long Do Women Last

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