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During actual intercourse, how long do you last? i want to find out more on how long the average person lasts before ejaculating, so i can compare my performance to that...and for gods sake dont lie...i know its tempting but c'mon no one is going to care if you last 1 minute or tell the truth for everyones benefit^^ thanks a bunch guys

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Im an adult male and It could be that this new girl has just got his attention and he's seeing where it could lead with her before telling you about her. I have female friends that I kind of ignore when I meet a new girl. He probably is just concentrating on her at the moment but still enjoys talking with you. Tell him to feel free to bring her over to meet you when he's ready. As long as you are honest there shouldn't be any drama.

Don't walk in with a "loaded gun" and you should be fine. It's been a few months man. Take care of business so you can "take care of business." The shower would be the most sanitary place to "make a deposit."

Sounds like he wants you to stand up to him, not bow down to him. If you don't do the aggressive/high heels/lingerie thing, what DO you do? Do you not enjoy being in charge in bed? It sounds like he would like that. I'd take a man like that, spank his butt, flip him over, straddle him and hold him down, demand exactly what I want... I could go on.......isn't that half the fun?

Girls dont understand how hard that shit is to control lol. and at a certian point you cant control it. read threw that stuff it might help :) Personaly i think he's trained him self to finish earlly (Not on purpose) Its just kinda natural for guys to want to reach the big O fast. Just need to go back to square one. or see a sex theripest.

It comes with maturity/age. What you can do is bring yourself to that point and stop just before you ejaculate, do something else for a minute or two (massage or nipples) and then start again. Do this longer each time. This will prolong the time it takes you. It may help.

well the start and stop method should work. does he eat you out? that would give him time to recover. maybe your giving him too much pressure. try dancing for him and masterbate at the same time. men and women have different pleasure times. you have to get started earlier, and dont depend only on him. he might enjoy the show. or you could try some type of cream to numb him

I think you're going to have to say it to him!!!! Then maybe try new positions - or instigate foreplay - dont allow sex to just happen without it - when you're getting down to it - just tell him that you'd really love if ye could mess about orally for a bit first - just kinda guide him into sex the way you want it! xx

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How Do I Make My Battery Life Last Longest And Keep It Running Strong Laptop

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