How Long Should Sex Last Outrageous Claims By Friend

Since the bottom part of the penis is the most sensitive, would it make sense to say that since most of the pressure is placed on the top part of the upward curving penis, therefore guys with an upward curve would last longer?

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Special memories of the good and bad times over the years. Those are the things that help relationships to last. ALL MY BEST TO YOU!!!

I agree with the oral thing.. Maybe he needs to get his load out first a little quicky and then you give him oral and get him going again. Like a jump start! Lucky bastard lol..

ugly up and keep quiet , if you are hot or sexy and make a noise you have no chance of going beyond 2 minutes, all pretty girls have that problem

try thinking about old ladies from the nursing home playing baseball naked that ought to mess your brain up bad enough that you should be able to last forever!

The methods to last longer in bed is to give her the orgasm she wants before you enter her. Use whatever it takes to get her off, such as your fingers, tongue or toys. After she has climaxed you can last two seconds for all she cares. Chances are though that you will last a pretty long time because there is no pressure on you. Of all the methods to last longer in bed I prefer the natural ones because they are free and they are a more permanent cure for premature ejaculation.

long because when its short its not as fun. but too long does get tiring. if she thinks you're lasting too long try some more foreplay

suck his wang til he jizzes. then get him up again and do your thang! it gets harder for the dude to jizz a second time after they already let loose a big load

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How Long Should Sex Last Outrageous Claims By Friend

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