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Okay, the keyword here is ANYMORE. I am going to give ALL the details: We both are 19... and in college, stressful, and i am an assistant manager at certain retail place... I do the Kegel exercises when im driving to school mondays, wed, and fridays, it is like a 30 min drive, and i do them randomly during all the other days, i mean, i think im doing them right, you're supposed to do a "squeeze" in the butt area, right? So I have been dating my girlfriend for a year and a half. She lost her virginity to me; however she was not my first, she is my 4th. Anyways, like when we first did it, it had been a while for me, it had been like almost a year or so... i was expecting, o man, this is going to be like 30 seconds, well, it was almost 2 hours. And yes, condom was used. Just regular good-ol rubber. Then we started doing it more, like every weekend or so, and i usually lasted 1 - 2 hours, that was it. Then we started using the thinner condoms and it stayed around 45 minutes to 2 hours, so no much change. Then we used the Trojan Eccstasy or something like that, and it was about 30 minutes to 1 hour and a half. Then we started using no condom (yes she is on the pill and i pull out, i know its risky... what ever) and stayed just the same 30 minutes, and a few times close to 1:45. Then idk what happened but there was this one time i put it in and literally 10 seconds... then i put a condom on (residue still inside, we are not that dumb, lol) and agian, 10 seconds.... That went away and i only lasted about 5 - 15 minutes... she tells me she doesnt mind at all, cuz longer makes her get sore, she does have an allergy to lube (even the sensitive kind) and to latex so yeah. We have even tried it with regular condoms, like the ones we first used and i could not last longer than 5 to 10 minutes!!!! :( Now, she kinda took a vow of celibacy, not like a NEVER SEX, but like she doesnt want to have sex for a while, well, we still do a lil, so its not like a legit vow of celibacy, but when we did, these past times i lasted under a minute. And she just told me its going to be a while before we do it again. And i am just like OMG THIS SUCKS because she wouldnt go for a "second round" when we did it. So how can i last long AGAIN....cuz i hate these 10 second quickies...she says she doesnt mind them, like she told me the nice and slow love making went flying out of the window, she likes it rough now, idk why... but i tell her that if she liked the 10 seconds she says yeah, not to worry about it, its been a while since we've done it, etc... P.S. She think that having sex twice a month makes our relationship just about sex, how can i prove her wrong? I mean, like doest the average couple do it like 4 times a week? lol I mean, its not like we have sex every time we see each other, she says: "im just not a horny virgin anymore" so idk how to take that... But that is not the point, i just want to know, how can i last long again so i can really enjoy it. I've tried tricking my body by masturbating like RIGHT before having sex, but she just feels so darn good i couldnt last longer than 20 seconds the last 3 times we've done it. DONT BE LAZY, I just timed myself reading it and it took me 1 minute and 33 seconds! Okay, basics, used to last 2 hours, not only SECONDS. Should i go to a doctor? What kind? K thx. DONT BE LAZY, I just timed myself and it took me 1 minute and 33 seconds. Basics: Used to last 2 hours now only seconds. Should i go to the Dr? What kind of Doctor?

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you can practice masturbating and when you do, stop before you are about to ejaculate and then after you calm down a little go again. or you can masturbate before you have sex

You are weak. Why not mount up instead and take control of the flow of things. That way when you are about to bust you can always back it off and cool down for a second or two. Mix it up with some oral too inbetween buddy. God.

Hey think of it this way at least u get to orgasm as much as you want while he's still struggling away! I had a boyfriend much the same. After a while i just got so sick of waiting for him and wanted it to finsh quicker so what i used to do was turn him on sooo much before hand so he was already really aroused before we did the deed. Try surpising him with some new tricks or bringing home some porn! He'd love it. I highly doubt there is anything medically wrong with him, he may just be a bit desensitized for wanking a lot! Or just 'one of those guys thats takes forever'. Anyway hope that's of some help!

You know what, no matter what you hear , it is natural.... there are variations is sexuality and attractions , sometimes it is just a little, sometimes a lot , bi, etc.... There is even evidence that the bible was changed to control people, just be yourself... When our hormones are this strong at this age, a person could be attracted to a lamp post... seriously, anything turns us on.... so dont worry, and dont freak out... It is all normal.... If you would feel better, than , yes go talk to someone about it, they will say what i just did ......

He should do the start and stop method:as soon as he feels that he is coming:he must stop immediately and divert his mind from coming. Cool of a bit then carry on again:you can do this a lot of times. He should practice this whilst masturbating Success:Colors

Most men like to last a long time to satisfy the girl. Though there are that many cruel jibes about men not lasting that, that is also a reason and its making him feel better about himself. I dont understand why he would tell you he cant imagine sleeping with the same woman for the rest of his life? To me thats just saying hes already looking to be with others. I honestly think he may have some insecurities about himself, which is why he would complain your too wet. Does he need to put you down to make himself feel better?

you should just talk to him about it and explain that he needs to spend more time on you. try to make foreplay last longer and spice it up a bit so it keeps him more interested. buy a toy if u like a let him use it on you. i think this is quite normal for guys but i fortunately have the opposite problem i have to go for hours before i can ejaculate. good luck

Ranges from person to person. My parnters have all ranges between 5 and 30 minutes. Some men have the staying power of an hour if they have ejactulated before hand. Its all practise, you learn control as you go along or just use different techniques to slow down, stop, change position, a little foreplay ... and just mixing it up to pro long sex. Condoms are a good thing to use to desensitize you.

You guys may be here's an idea from an old fart... Masturbate or give him oral sex to orgasm about an hour before YOU want gratification.....give him time to recover, then start all over again as if it's the first time around...he'll be surprised at your enthusiasm, and he will last at least twice as long....

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