I Last Much Longer In Bed Than My Boyfriend What Can I Do

We engage in foreplay for about 20 minutes before I go inside her but I want to hold out for more than a couple minutes but she turns me on so much that I can't seem to do that. By the way we are young, I'm 24 and she is 21.

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He may have a medical condition, likely psychological if he's never had that problem with anyone else; it's possible that beign apart for extended periods just gets him all hopped up to finish fast. You can always try for second rounds after he busts the first one - just try to keep him awake or let him nap a while before attacking him while he's asleep.

One thing that has worked time and time again is... Whenever he feels like he is getting close...take a brief break (he should only need a few seconds really). Use this break to switch positions. Also, experiment with different positions. Some positions just feel better! Also, condoms reduce sensitivity...use them! During fore play...do not stimulate him at all! In fact...do not stimulate him during sex, either. Make sure he goes slow...this will be good for you, too.

I know that my fiance likes to masturbate earlier in the day if he knows we're going to have sex that night so he has no trouble lasting a long time. I would definitely not mess around with anything like Redbull or any anesthetic.

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Make sure you are fresh and not tired as if tired you might wnat it to get it overwith un intentionally. have a good sleep in the day, maybe a few hours or so, have a bath and dont think of sex too much. Get down to business with foreplay and try not to think of sex too much. turn your partner on as much as you can. then go for it. The key is to be fresh.

Don't rush to over-the counter, unless you have erectile dysfunction. There are alway desensitizing creams you can get to last longer. go to tantra.com There are techniques and couple's workshops that can help you approach this as a couple. It will open doors to physical and deep emotional connections. Mind blowing.

20 minutes not enough? You mean with forplay? Of course, thats not enough for a horny chick like you. Give him massages and spend more time in foreplay.

Maybe He Realizing He Made A Mistake By Not Choosing You, The Woman He Went Out On A Date With Probably Lost Interest In Him And Trying To Get Back Good With You

Keedleing can keep you going for ever...its when you use your penis muscle...just like when you are urinating...to harden the muscle. Do this right before you ejaculate to stop your ejaculation and wait a little and continue to have sex...this also is a way to have multiple orgasms. Look up keedle on the internet and you can get further instructions.

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I Last Much Longer In Bed Than My Boyfriend What Can I Do

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