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My boyfriend and I recently had sex for the first time. It was the first for both of us. We used protection, and surprisingly it didn't hurt. The thing was over with very fast. He seemed to really enjoy it, but it seemed like just when I was getting into it, it ended. We tried again a second time...and it was much like the first. Does anyone have any advice on how to make it last longer? I really don't understand. Is this one of those things that gets better with time? Or is it always going to be like this?

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There's no definite length of time or number of experiences it takes. There are many tricks you can use, though. Some guys think of something to keep their mind off sex and it helps them last longer. Also, if you urinate before sex but stop the flow before you finish peeing, it makes it harder to climax.

hi YPB Lotion does help it feels much better. When you first discover what you can do other than just pee with you penis, you will generally "blow your load" very quickly. As time goes by you will learn what to do to slow down the end result. As everyone is different it is diffucult to give you specific directions. Hope this is helpful. All the best.

You could try a couple different things: 1. During the act (or when you are close to being finished...but not too close) think of something beside what you are doing. Keep your eyes open. Go for whatever is mundane/not sensual for you. Some men prefer baseball, because they know a ton of bs about it. 2. RELAX. This is the big one. Relax EVERYTHING. Good Luck

no but are you thinking about a lot of other things? Just relax and remember if your partner is happy take as long as you want.

give her more foreplay and try to keep your cool! One thing that works, is having her or yourself pull down on the sack and very gently squeeze mind you to help the feeling go away. Otherwise take your time, she may be getting you too excited at the start!

I don't get bored its just it starts to hurt! and it is not fun anymore when it hurts... it hurts the middle of the 2nd round =( ..... and i wish my man would last at least 10 mins =( im too good in bed he cums real quick haha =)

that was fascinating.... and i hate to admit that i read all of it.... "coca-cola was originally green" was there twice... interesting though!! :p

I think that is inbred in many men, they think only of themselves and even less of their mates. My old man (white) to the world he was a prince to his family a prick., many of my married friends leaving the house say I love you honey then jump the first skirt they meet. They spend their time courting the female getting married then turn into Attila the Hun. slap the hell how of them while saying I love you. Made me gun shy of getting married I was afraid it would happen to me. Then come to be my brother and his wife were so screwed up the county was going to take his kids. so I raised them and things turned out great my brother and his wife took credit for the boys achievements and they made my life a living hell. I may not have gotten married but all my immediate friends are female and I love everyone of them. As a whole I can't stand the male species. yes I know there are some good men. and they do take care and cherish their ladies. For some reason men promote and raise boys in their image I know I broke that behavior in mine and they have healthy caring relationships with females They know I wouldn't put up with it.

Crazy girl, doesn't she realize she can cum again?! Most girls would KILL to have this problem! After she has an orgasm, just slow down a bit. It's very sensitive right afterward, but if you keep up with just gentle thrusting, she will get worked up and cum again. Ask her to just trust you, and try it once. Once she realizes she can have multiples, she'll be a very happy girl, and you won't have to worry about anything but lasting even longer! :)

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